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Why Should I Encourage My Child to Learn To Play An Instrument?

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Are you contemplating the idea of taking your child for instrumental training, but aren’t sure whether it will be beneficial for your child in the long run or not? If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that learning different skills, and art forms is beneficial and important for the overall growth and development of a child. It helps them become accomplished all-rounders while adding various edges and aspects to their personalities.

Encouraging your child to learn a musical instrument is one of the best ways to scale up their creativity and diversify their capabilities. There are numerous other reasons that will persuade you to take your children to a renowned and experienced musical institute for instrumental training.

In this blog, we have discussed various reasons, suggestions, and arguments, that highlight the significance of instrumental training for a child. Going through the points listed below will help you make the right choices for your kids, and will lead your contemplation in the right direction.

Reasons to encourage your child to learn a Musical Instrument

1. Adds new scope and dimension to their personality

Playing a musical instrument will introduce them to a whole new skill and dimension. It will render them the opportunity to form a deep-rooted association with the world of music, be it in the form of a hobby or profession. They will be able to have a productive and peaceful indulgence other than their academic or professional lives. Learning to play a musical instrument like tabla, guitar, harmonium, etc. will make their perspective and choices more tasteful and aesthetic.

It is the most viable and far-sighted argument that supports the pursuance of instrumental training for a child. However, there are several other reasons that represent the immediate favorable impacts of playing a musical instrument on the overall development of a child.

2. Enhances the retaining capacity of the mind

There are several studies and research that consider instrumental training beneficial for enhancing the mental capabilities of a child. They emphasize the fact that kids, who start playing a musical instrument at a young age, end up having exceptional memory and mental abilities. They believe that playing an instrument makes the brain more active and receptive, and increases its capability to retain information.

3. Helps in improving reflexes and hand-eye coordination

Playing a musical instrument requires the child to move their hands rapidly in a rhythm while taking care of other musical parameters. This practice resonates in their reflexes, making them more prompt and accurate.

Playing instruments like a keyboard, drum, or tabla is significantly effective in this accord. Having steady hands and spontaneous reflexes proves beneficial in a lot of professional fields and also helps in learning other musical or non-musical skills easily.

4. Inculcates patience and perseverance

No matter what instrument your kids choose to play, it will require a lot of patience and perseverance irrespective of their level of training or expertise. These qualities go a long way once seeded in a child’s character or personality.

Learning a musical instrument will also demonstrate the significance of dedication and practice to your child. All these virtues collectively can lead your child towards their goals and passion with undeniable assurance in their academic as well as professional lives.

5. Helps your child become a team player and multi-tasker

Playing instruments like drums and dholak helps a child understand the importance of teamwork while making them exceptional multitaskers. When they learn to play in a group or band they also learn the value of collective efforts to make things happen. These qualities eventually end up developing great organizational skills in a child.

Here, we can understand that music is not a singular, or one-dimensional indulgence but is an all-round institution within itself. It not only hones a child’s aesthetic abilities but also contributes towards refining their social skills and capabilities.

6. Encourages your child to become self-assured and expressive

You must have heard that music is not just a skill, but a way of self-expression. This fact also applies to musical instruments. As, it has been noted by intellectuals and researchers that kids who are associated with music in any way whether it be through vocals or instruments, are way more expressive and self-assured. These qualities are great for having a healthy mind, psyche, and heart.

Kids with these qualities are also more sensitive and considerate toward other people’s feelings and exhibit a great sense of humility.

7. Helps kids develop mathematical and analytical abilities

Musical instruments not only help a kid learn about musical notes but also helps them understand numbers in a better manner. So, if you want to see your child excel in mathematics, it would be helpful if you get them enrolled in a resourceful music school for instrumental training.

Music has long been known for helping develop remarkable analytical abilities. Probably that’s the reason why kings used to have musicians in their courts as valued courtiers. If you also want your kid to have noticeable analytical and logical reasoning capabilities, you can make them learn musical instruments like violin, tabla, drum, congo, etc.

8. Helps them come closer to their culture and heritage

Apart from all the other reasons listed above, it is one of the prime reasons that demonstrates the significance of making your child learn a musical instrument. There is no better way than music and arts to get to know and learn about one’s history, culture, and heritage.

Having an existing and constant association with one’s roots is as important as moving ahead with the changing times. It helps you attain completeness and contentment as an individual. It also adds a reliable base to your identity.

Analyzing all these factors and aspects will help you get the motivation that you need to turn your contemplation and intentions into mindful action.


Wrapping Up!

While going through this blog, you must have made up your mind and would want to start your child’s instrumental training as soon as possible. So, do not wait any longer, and get your kids enrolled at Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya to start their musical journey today.

Contact us right now to learn more about our courses and get the best possible training and learning environment for your kids.