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Kathak Dance classes in Gurgaon

Kathak is one of the nine forms of Indian Classical Dance. This dance form traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers. Kathak is the enigmatic, energetic, classical dance form. Kathak became the base of most of the modern dance forms including the famous Bollywood dances which have been an attraction for all.

Kathak gives emphasis on poses, expressions, grace, hand, eye and body movements and footwork and the enactment of stories and portrayal of rhythmic structures. Kathak is found in three distinct forms, called “gharanas”, named after the cities where the Kathak dance tradition evolved – Jaipur, Banaras and Lucknow. Today Kathak is well renowned and recognized as one of the most popular cultural dances from India.

The Kathak Dance Classes at Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya offers you the most comprehensive Kathak Dance training and education. We offer you professional faculty who are specialists in the discipline to inculcate the skill of Kathak dancing.

Kathak Dance Benefits

  1. Kathak improves your physical strength.
  2. Kathak can help you overcome stage fright.
  3. Kathak improves your capacity to concentrate.
  4. Kathak teaches you how to work well with others.
  5. Kathak sharpens the mind.
  6. Kathak can help you improve your expressions.
  7. Kathak is a dance form that teaches you about Indian culture and heritage.
  8. Kathak improves your storytelling abilities.
  9. Learning footwork in Kathak helps you improve your body balance.
  10. Learning Mudras in Kathak helps you develop your hand motions. Kathak improves your physical strength.

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