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Online & Offline Music Lessons available!

We conduct Online music & dance classes as well as Offline classes at the institute. We offer online music and dance lessons via Zoom, Skype to students (young & old alike). It is our priority to provide the students with most effectual & superior online classes. Our virtual jamming sessions every Saturday are a testimony to the quality music education imparted to our students. Online classes are a great way to contribute to social distancing which is a primary requirement in the present scenario. Keeping our students, faculty, staff safe & healthy is definitely our top priority.
Students from several countries like U.S., Australia, Singapore and Dubai have enrolled in our online music & dance courses and are successfully learning from us. We are glad that more & more people are joining online classes which they find easy, affordable & enjoyable to attend from the comfort of their homes. Indian parents settled abroad have always wanted to introduce their children to Indian classical music which forms the roots of our rich heritage & culture. Also, the older generation who have always wanted to learn music(classical/bollywood/western) are enthusiastically learning music & finding the happiness they always yearned for. Age has never been a barrier to learning.

Guidelines for online music lessons:

Setting up – You may use a computer, phone, or tablet. You may mount the device on a tripod stand or place it on a steady surface. The instrument should be warmed up ready for the session.

Make sure that you can be seen & heard – The device should be placed in such a way that your face, finger movements & feet movements (in case of drum) are clearly visible to the instructor. Set the device at eye level.

Quiet Room – Find a quiet place free of all distractions to attend the class. You may use earbuds otherwise.

Properly lit – The place should be brightly lit.

Take Notes – Keep a notebook, pen, or pencil for notes. It will help revise & it will be audited from time to time.

A great internet connection – Finally an uninterrupted & fast internet connection is a must.

Guidelines for Offline music classes:

We are maintaining all safety measures to ensure that all the students stay safe & enjoy the offline classes being conducted at the institute.

  1. Students, teachers & staff are being made to wash their hands with soap & water immediately upon entering the premises. They have to sanitize their hands regularly.
  2. Everyone has to maintain 6 fts of mandatory social distance from each other. The strength of a class is also limited to ensure the same.
  3. All the common touchpoints like railings, door knobs, switches, barriers, chairs & instruments are being sanitised after every use.
  4. The floors, stairs, washrooms, waiting area are being disinfected & sanitised regularly.
  5. Sanitizers, disposable hand gloves, masks are available in all washrooms & otherwise.
  6. Students are advised to carry a “Personal Hygiene Kit” to the institute which should have the following material.
    1. Mask
    2. Pair of disposable gloves
    3. A small bottle of sanitizer
    4. A small bottle of hand wash
    5. A cotton handkerchief or napkin


Although all of the above material is available at the institute, students are advised to carry their personal kit to avoid common touchpoints as best as possible.

We look forward to your support & cooperation for the safety of students, teachers, staff & society at large.

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