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What is the Right Age to Start Music Lessons?

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There are a lot of parents out there who want their children to develop interests, hobbies, skills, or even take up a profession in the field of music. All such parents struggle with one common question which is, “What is the right age to start music lessons?”. Well, the answer to this question is highly subjective. There is no fixed age or time to start learning music.

Some parents might believe the sooner you start the musical training, the better it will be for their kids, while some others would want to wait for their child to attain a certain age to start their musical journey. There are always going to be various views and opinions about it.

However, we can always try to find a satisfactory answer(s) to this question by taking some essential factors into account.

So, let us start by shedding light on the factors that would help you decide the right age for your child to start their musical training.

Enthusiasm of the child

The first factor that can help you determine the right age to start the music lessons for your child is their enthusiasm or inclination towards music. If your child shows a natural inclination or fondness towards music, you can take it as a sign and introduce them to music in a playful and learning manner.

You can start the informal training even at three years of age, given your child exhibits extraordinary responses and interest in music at such an early age.

Development of the child

Every child is unique and grows or develops at their own pace. If you think your child has grown enough, both mentally and physically to start the musical training, you can begin their training and practice right away under the guidance of an experienced trainer or music school.

So, you can proceed with the training whether your child is three, five, or ten for that matter, if you believe that they have developed the ability to keep up with it. However, five years would be a more agreeable age to start music training for your child.

However, you can also start the music training of your child as a supplement to their overall growth and development. Starting instrumental training often comes in handy in such situations.

Schedule of the child

Even though your child is ready and has an inclination toward music, you still need to check if they can handle an additional activity without getting overburdened and exhausted. You can always wait for a year or two if you believe your child is not ready for an additional indulgence at this age.

Parents often neglect this factor and rush into starting the training as soon as they can. However, overburdening your child with yet another activity at the moment can make them develop an aversion towards music, which is not what you would want to happen.

Still, if you feel that this is the right time to get started with your child’s music lessons, you can make suitable adjustments and replacements in their schedule, while keeping their interests and preferences under serious consideration.

Personal capabilities of the child

Having discussed all the above aspects, another significant factor that can help you decide is the personal capabilities of a child. Every child has his/her distinct qualities and talents. You can start your child’s music classes even at a young age if they are naturally gifted in this accord.

Apart from discussing these essential factors, it is also important to understand the gradual development of a child’s mental abilities and receptive capabilities for learning music.

Introduction to music through informal and fun activities by the age of three.

Three years is the right age to introduce your child to music. That is the age when they tend to grasp things better. The best way to introduce your child to music is by getting them a musical toy such as a keyboard, Drum, Casio, etc. If possible you can include or take your child to music sessions to provide them a wholesome musical atmosphere.

Move towards more formalized training and lessons by the age of five.

After setting the informal base for your child’s musical training, you can go ahead with starting their formal musical lessons when they are nearly or beyond five years of age. By this time, children develop reasonable sensibility, curiosity, and attitude to learn new things. They would be capable by now of understanding the intricacies of music in a raw manner.

Start full-fledged formal as well as instrumental training by the age of ten.

Your child will have learned a lot about the basics and foundation of music by the time they become ten years old. They would have developed the habit, discipline, and dedication for practice or ‘riyaz’. This would be the right time to start full-fledged or professional musical training, you can also now introduce them to other aspects of music like instruments, vocals, etc. They would now be ready to understand the gravity and cultural significance of music.


All the factors, parameters, and growth milestones discussed in this blog will help you determine the right age for your child to start their musical training.
However, you can always go for the trial-and-error method. Get them to try a musical instrument or activity, and if they respond consistently positively to it, voila!! Then you are good to go, if they are not, no need to get disheartened, take a pause and try again after some days, months, or years. In the end, it is for the child to decide when they want or whether they want to learn music.

Just make sure not to force things on them, but rather encourage them to build enthusiasm or interest gradually towards music or any other activity for that matter.

However, whenever you think you and your child are ready to start their musical journey feel free to contact us to learn about our music courses and organization in detail.

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