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Shankar Lal Guruji

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Shankar Lal Guruji



40 years


Kathak Instructor

About Instructor

A Kathak instructor with astounding forty years of experience in teaching. He is a member of Kathak Kala Kendra, Mandi House. It’s one thing to like dance & quite another to live dance. Guruji, as Shankar Lal Ji is fondly called, has a solid grasp on the art of Kathak & helps instill the same in his students. As a Kathak veteran, he would care for the physical & mental well-being of the students & would make sure that his lessons are age-appropriate. He is disciplined to the core & would make sure that his students show up on time, wear appropriate attire & pay attention. He has excellent communication skills, is honest, offers support & motivation to his students. Over the years, he has developed the reputation of being kind and understanding as well as being strict and demanding as necessary.

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