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Sandeep Kumar Prasad


Sandeep Kumar Prasad



8 Years


Western dance Instructor

About Instructor

Mr Prasad is extremely competent and confident in his domain of dance – western & Bollywood alike. His personal attributes of creativity, spontaneity, commitment, and flexibility shine through in his teaching. His passion for dance teaching seems to be related to his love for the subject area. He is compassionate & articulate with people- young & old whom he instructs & transfers his knowledge to. He is astute in social control/group management during regular classes, rehearsals. He is optimistic, self-disciplined, humble & persistent. He would never give up on any student, identify their strengths & work on their steps, rhythm, expressions till he/she is ready. He would himself practice for long hours, creating his own stuff & keep himself up-to-date on the new dance forms.

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