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Madhav Sharma

madhav sharma

Madhav Sharma



15 years


Violin Instructor

About Instructor

Right from the tender age of ten years, he is learning Indian classical Music and groomed under the kind guidance of Pt Ravi Shankar Prasanna ji. A daily practice session of 5 hrs for the last 17 yrs has enabled him to grasp & master the intricacies of Indian Classical Music and developing a style that was respectful of tradition, yet full of innovation. He is also pursuing a Western Classical Grade course from Trinity College London. He possesses legitimate love for music & teaching. He has been coaching students for the last fifteen years. He is able to inspire students by constantly learning himself all the time- watching, listening, and trying new things. Not only is he patient, warm & encouraging, but empathetic- is able to connect with the needs & emotions of his students. Apart from being a terrific teacher, he possesses commendable leadership skills & is also a fabulous stage performer.

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