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Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra kumar drum instructor

Jitendra Kumar



12+ years


Drum Instructor

About Instructor

As a drummer, Mr Kumar attends rehearsals, provides assistance to other musicians, updates his
knowledge of new music, plays at various events, and takes part in recording sessions. As a teacher
he is a favourite amongst his students. He has graduated in Indian Classical Music from Gandharva
Mahavidyalaya, Delhi. It’s a well-rounded attitude towards rhythm that elevates everything he does.
He has an inimitable style of drumming- groove, dynamics, chops, endurance, speed. He is greatly
skilled in percussion, is self-motivated, patient, extremely punctual, creative, takes initiative & is a
team player. He is a keen listener, adaptable, passionate for music & has persistence- all the
characteristics of a great drummer. As a drum teacher he has excellent communication,
organization, and people skills. He makes practice sessions fun for his students & also prepares them
for exams.

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