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Anamika Dwivedi

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Anamika Dwivedi



5 years


Vocal Instructor

About Instructor

Anamika Dwivedi

Vocal Instructor

Experience: 5 yrs

About the Instructor

Sangeet Shiromani from the University of Delhi, Ms Dwivedi is a teacher who makes the student feel completely comfortable and at ease in her presence. She has excellent knowledge of the genre of music she teaches, the ability to break down information and knowledge using simpler ways and methodologies, creates different teaching strategies depending on the year she teaches, keeps everyone attentive and motivated to learn. She possesses the requisite interpersonal and active listening skills to discuss classroom concepts, provide tailored guidance, offer support and give feedback to students. She takes out time & exhibits patience while developing different and innovative ways to make the teaching lessons interesting and challenging at the same time.

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