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Summer Camp In Gurgaon 2017

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Summer Camp In Gurgaon

After five successful Summer Camps, we are again back with Summer Camps in Gurgaon with more activities and fun for children. Our primary focus would be to make a student learn while fun and utilize the summer vacation by adding skills they like the most.

At Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, we offer summer camps in Gurgaon and we cover the following subjects:

Age Group: 3 to 18 Years

Vocal: Classical / Light Classical
Western: Western Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-hop, Freestyle
Classical / Traditional: Kathak, Folk Dance
Instruments: Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Tabla, Violin
Drawing: Water Colors, Acrylic painting, Oil painting, Spray-painting, Fabric Painting, Sketching, Pencil Shading, Portrait, Calligraphy, Craft, Clay Modelling, Origami.

Top 5 Reasons Kids Should Go To Summer Camp

  1. To try new things. Summer Camp pushes children out of their comfort zone and exposes them to new activities and experiences.
  2. To develop social skills. Camp teaches children to communicate, to work together as part of a team and to be a leader.
  3. To face challenges and learn the value of hard work.
    At camp, children learn the importance of working hard to accomplish what they want, all in a low-stress setting.
  4. To build character. On top of making new friends, campers also develop an appreciation for the qualities required to cultivate and strengthen these relationships. Camp provides children with the core values of a strong, moral individual by teaching them about ethics, honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

Guardians often come to us and report that after camp, their kids have become more kind, comprehend the significance of giving, are more prepared to defend what they know is correct, and will be more capable.

  1. To foster independence. At Summer Camps, children learn the responsibility of making their own decisions with the safety net of insightful counsellors and staff in a safe environment.

Our main goal of Summer Camp program is making sure children have the time of their lives. Summer camp is a much-needed break from the academic year where creativity, adventure, thrills, smiles and plain old good times are the priority.

Course Fee

1 Week Rs. 1500
2 Weeks Rs. 2000
4 Weeks Rs. 3500
6 Weeks Rs. 5000
7 Weeks Rs. 6000

Call Us for more details: 9212300050