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Easiest Instrument to Learn for a Child

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The increasing inclination to learn musical instruments among kids and their parents leads to a significant yet simple question: “Which are the easiest instruments to learn for a child?”. If you are also looking for a reliable answer to this question, you have arrived just at the right place.

Here we have enlisted and discussed the musical instruments that are the easiest to learn as a child. The instruments that we have mentioned in this blog are equally melodious and enjoyable for a child to learn. Moreover, we have also shared some tips that will help you make musical training easy, enriching, and convenient for your child.

So, let us begin by discussing the easy-to-learn musical instruments that can turn out to be a significant base for your child’s indulgence and enthusiasm toward music.

Musical Instruments Suitable for Kids and Beginners

  1. Keyboard, Piano, or Harmonium
  2. There is a well-known craze among parents for getting their kids enrolled in piano or keyboard lessons at a young age. However, it is not the prime reason that makes the keyboard, piano, or harmonium top this list. The actual reason is that learning these instruments is as easy as pressing a few buttons or keys.

    Another reason that makes these instruments the easiest for kids to learn is that they lay a strong foundation for learning music and other musical instruments for that matter. They introduce a child to the core elements of music like rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics. These fundamentals help a child adopt an adequate attitude toward music while retaining their enthusiasm towards the art.

  3. Guitar or Ukulele
  4. String instruments like the Ukulele and Guitar are other such instruments that kids find easy and enjoyable to learn. The popularity of the guitar among kids and youngsters is also responsible for making it one of the most sought instruments that kids want to learn at a music institute. The ukulele is also gaining popularity among young learners due to its small size and ease of playing.

    Also, playing guitar and other stringed instruments helps the child develop dexterity and coordination, which serve as key skills for learning other musical instruments. Moreover, the ability to play their favorite songs and rhythms on a guitar encourages the child to develop a keener interest in music.

  5. Tabla
  6. Percussion instruments like the Tabla are generally preferred by kids and parents who are inclined to classical music. The close association of tabla with classical music makes it important for learners to learn from seasoned and expert tabla trainers and classes.

    Also, learning the tabla, one of the prime and easiest classical instruments, helps a child inculcate the discipline and dedication required in classical music.

  7. Violin
  8. The violin is one of the choicest musical instruments out there, the melody and ease of learning violin makes it one of the most preferred and suitable instruments for kids to learn. Furthermore, learning to play violin from an experienced and reliable instructor makes the learning process even more smooth and enriching.

    Playing violin helps a child practice stability and precision. These qualities go a long way while learning other skills and instruments.

  9. Drum
  10. The drum is another fun instrument for the kids to learn. It offers great versatility to the kids and helps parents channel their kids’ energy in the right direction towards a productive pursuit. Drum lessons also help a kid develop multitasking abilities and improve their hand-eye coordination.

  11. Dholak
  12. Dholak is an instrument that the kids might find interesting and easy to learn. It also offers kids the opportunity to bond with other like-minded peers and develop nurturing connections over music. Practicing dholak makes the child dextrous and enhances their motor skills while demonstrating the importance of teamwork and coordination.

  13. Congo
  14. The congo holds a special position in the list of easy and enjoyable percussion instruments. Most children find it extremely enthusiastic and playful to learn to play congo. The ability to play congo or any other instrument for that matter, helps a child develop confidence and social skills.

    The instruments mentioned in the list are a great way to make a child indulgent and develop a multi-faceted personality. Playing an instrument not only adds up as a skill but also offers relaxation from the fast-paced and competitive academic life. Moreover, several researches and studies believe that children who are associated with art, music, or play any musical instruments are better at handling their emotions and stress.

    All of these are remarkably good reasons to get your child started on their musical or instrumental journey with Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya.

    Below, we are also sharing some essential tips to help your child feel comfortable and enthusiastic while learning this new wonderful skill.

Tips to help your child feel calm and motivated while learning to play an instrument

  • Manage their schedule well
  • Generally, children have a hectic schedule of their own with school, sports, extracurricular activities, academics, and more. Therefore, it is your duty as a parent to make time in their schedule for this new fun activity without making them feel overburdened or exhausted.

  • Do not force but encourage your child
  • Children have instincts and interests of their own and they should be acknowledged and respected. It is ideal to get your child to learn an instrument if they are naturally inclined towards it. However, if you want to help them develop an interest in music and musical instruments, do it positively and encouragingly rather than forcing or commanding them.

    A little encouragement and positive attitude go a long way when it comes to children and their learning.

  • Make sure to show enthusiasm and active interest in their learning
  • Parent’s duty is not limited to getting their child enrolled in a music school and institution. You also need to show interest and active involvement in their activities to keep them motivated and take their interest, enthusiasm, and talent in the right direction.

  • Let your child choose and decide
  • As a parent, you must guide your kids and their decisions but in the end, it is your kids who get to decide the instrument that they want to learn and play. Let them explore their interests, comfort, and passion on their own.

    These suggestions will come in handy while preparing yourself and your kid for learning a musical instrument.


Now that you are aware of all the viable options, do not wait any longer to get your kids enrolled in the enriching and wholesome classes offered by Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya.

This blog will help you and your child pick the right instrument that would align with your child’s interests. It also offers you valuable suggestions on guiding your kids with the right attitude and offering them the needed support.

The careful handling, expert instrumental training offered by our seasoned trainers, and your active involvement can lead your child toward a great learning experience, resulting in unbound enthusiasm, enjoyment, and excellence.

So, enroll your kids today at Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya and make them learn their favorite instrument.