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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Learning the Guitar

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Learning the Guitar 1

Guitar is one of the most popular and versatile musical instruments loved by people of all genders and ages. It is specifically liked among teenagers and adults, which is one of the reasons why young and college-going kids insist upon learning guitar and becoming skilled guitarists. 

There is undoubtedly a superficial charm associated with playing the guitar. However, this ‘super-cool’ and massively liked instrument has even deeper musical annotations that make it a requisite part of a lot of musical genres.

If you are also planning to start guitar lessons and become an exceptionally skilled guitarist, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we have discussed the common mistakes that you need to avoid while learning the guitar. It is important for you to not only learn about the things that you must do but also be aware of the practices that you must abstain from as a budding guitarist.

So, here we have shared some useful as well as interesting insights about learning the guitar. Let’s get started.

Why Is Guitar One Of The Most Popular Instruments Among Learners?

The popularity of the guitar can be credited to the two very important features of this musical instrument, the ease of learning and the variation of sizes. Inarguably, the guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn and can be learned within a short time. It is not as tricky or difficult as the other classical or Western instruments. 

Moreover, the guitar is very handy and comes in various sizes to suit the preferences of the learners. It also offers a great scope for personalization. And is also not as bulky as other instruments and can be easily lifted and carried around by the musicians.

Additionally, there is a distinct charm associated with playing the guitar. It especially makes the youngsters feel serene and stylish at the same time while bringing them closer to the rhythms of music. All in all, the guitar is one of the most melodious and convenient instruments for musical expression.

Benefits Of Learning Guitar

There are various apparent as well as hidden benefits of learning the guitar. Some of the most prominent benefits of learning the guitar are:

Enhancement and expression of creativity

Music and art are closely associated with creativity and so is guitar. It unlocks the creative side of an individual and helps them express themselves more creatively in the form of music. It also helps them expand their aesthetic and musical understanding as a musician. 

Sense of accomplishment

Learning guitar renders a distinct satisfaction and sense of accomplishment to a person. It makes an individual feel emotionally aligned while boosting their self-esteem. Learning guitar is one of the best ways of skill enhancement and allows a person to explore the musical dimension freely and confidently.

Develops confidence

Learning a new skill always makes you feel confident and complete. When it comes to learning guitar, it adds an extra edge to your self-worth and self-expression. Moreover, it offers you stage exposure to enhance your on-stage presentability and confidence.

Promotes dexterity and increases mental capacity

Playing the guitar requires coordinated hand-eye movement and great attention to detail. It eventually enhances your motor capabilities and sharpens your reflexes, ultimately increasing your cognitive as well as mental capabilities.

Five Common Mistakes To Avoid While Learning The Guitar

Here we have enlisted the five most common mistakes that aspiring guitarists should not make while learning the instrument.

Incorrect Position For Sitting and Holding The Guitar

Although the guitar is excessively handy and portable, still you must maintain the right body posture while playing the guitar and hold it correctly for ease of playing. Not maintaining the right posture and position can compromise your learning experience while exposing you to physiological problems in the long run.

Straying Too Far From The Fret Mark

Beginners generally place their fingers too far away from the fret mark which makes them exert extra pressure on the strings of the guitar while playing it. It makes you feel exhausted while making it difficult for you to produce the right rhythm and sounds. The closer you hold to the fret mark, the easier it will be for you to play the guitar effortlessly.

Flattening The Fingers While Playing The Guitar

Flattening the fingers while playing the guitar can again make you use extra force and pressure. It can also mute some strings and make it difficult for you to produce the right sounds. The right way is to use the tip of your fingers to play the chords.

Inconsistent Practising

Another very common mistake that should be avoided while learning the guitar is inconsistent practice. The guitar is surely easier to learn but it should not be taken casually. You must practise discipline, dedication, and consistency while learning the guitar. Inconsistent practice can compromise the duration and quality of your learning experience.

Exerting Too Much Pressure And Force

As discussed earlier your passion as a musician should not be expressed in the form of pressure or force you put on the instrument. It should be handled with proper grace in the suggested ways. Incorrect pressure or position can hamper your learning experience and keep you from becoming an exceptional guitarist.

These inconsistencies and errors should be avoided by every learner while learning guitar for a smoother and yielding learning experience.


This blog helps you become aware of the ins and outs of learning the guitar and well-versed with the mistakes that you need to avoid. The guitar is an easy and extremely fun instrument to learn. You can start your guitar journey today by enrolling yourself in a reliable music school like Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya that offers exceptionally resourceful and supportive offline as well as online guitar training.

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