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What You Should Know Before Starting Drum Lessons for Your Kids?

What You Should Know Before Starting Drum Lessons for Your Kids

The drum is one of the most versatile and popular musical instruments for kids to learn. They find it a fascinating and fun instrument to play, which is one of the many reasons why more and more kids are expressing an inclination to learn to play the drum. As a result, a lot of parents are keen to start their child’s drum lessons.

If you are also one of those parents and want to help your child get started with their drum lessons, you will find this blog extremely helpful and relevant. Here we have shared all the necessary things and aspects you need to be aware of before your kid starts learning drums.

So, hang on and go through this blog thoroughly to get resourceful insights into the things you should be aware of and prepared for before beginning the drum lessons for your child.

How can you start the drum lessons?

The first question that you have to deal with, in order to make your child learn to play the drum is ‘How can you start the training or lesson?’. In these times, you have a lot of options to start the training. We have enlisted the possible ways and options and have stated the pros and cons that would come along if you go ahead with them.

  • Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are undoubtedly the most convenient option for you as well as your child. By choosing this learning mode, you would not have to take your child anywhere to learn the drum. You can start the training at the convenience of your home. All these are the plus points of starting the drum lessons virtually.

Now let us highlight the limitations or drawbacks of choosing this mode of learning. Online lessons would offer you convenience but not the clarity or quality of learning that your child deserves. Playing the drum is not theoretical but a practical activity that is extremely detailed and intricate.

It would not prove helpful for your child in the long run and might prevent your child from attaining perfection or mastery in playing the instrument.

  • One-on-one Lessons

One-on-one lessons are a great way to start the training and would offer your child individual attention which would eventually help attain perfection. However, there is only one significant drawback of choosing this mode of learning, i.e., the lack of team spirit.

The drum is an instrument that is often played in a band and requires the skill of making synchronized and collaborative efforts with other musicians to produce the perfect rhythm and symphony.

Getting individual training would keep your child deprived of learning the valuable skill or lesson of playing the drum with synchronized coordination with a band. However, you can overlook this limitation if your child wants to learn to play the drum just as a hobby and not as a skill or profession.

  • Getting Enrollment in a Music School

The best way to learn to play the drum or any other instrument for that matter, is by going to a music school or classes. At a music school, your child not only learns to play the right notes or rhythms but also learns the invaluable skill of playing the instrument in a synchronized symphony. It also helps your kid develop other positive and productive personality traits while helping them learn the value of teamwork and organized group efforts.

You can choose the most favorable mode of learning for your child depending on your preference and convenience. However, whether your child wants to learn to play the drum out of curiosity and plain interest or out of zeal or passion, the best way to get started is by getting them enrolled in a reliable music school or instrumental training classes.

What equipment does your child need for learning the drum?

Before starting the drum lessons for your child you also need to be aware of the equipment or instruments your child would require throughout the training and practice. Therefore, here we have enlisted the most essential equipment that you would need for your child’s drum lessons.

  • Electronic Drum Set

At the beginner level, you can get your little drummer a nice electric drum set for practicing what they have been taught in class. Having an electric drum set for practicing will also help your child gradually develop the enthusiasm and skills required for playing the drum with a flair.

  • Acoustic Drum Set

When your child has stepped into more serious or professional training, they would need an acoustic drum set for intense and professional practice. Having the right kind of drum set will help them master the notes and eventually the art of playing the drum like a maestro or veteran drummer.

  • A Set Of Appropriate Drumsticks

Whether at the beginner level or the professional level, your child is always going to need the right pair of sticks to play the drum with seamless ease and unmatched flair. So, you need to learn about the various sizes and varieties of drumsticks and get your child the right pair according to their age and training.

However, stocks of size 7A are generally suitable for kids as they are thinner. You can increase the size or thickness of the sticks gradually as your child’s training progresses.

How can you be of help to your child while learning drums?

Like any other skill or activity, here too your child is going to need your support and participation to learn this instrument in a calm and convenient manner. You can be of help in your kid’s drum learning journey in the following ways.

  • Choosing the right and reliable music school or trainer for your child is the first help that you can render. Being in the right learning environment will make the learning process enjoyable, favorable, and more productive for the child.
  • Availing your child of the needed equipment is also a way you can support their instrumental training. Having access to the right kind of equipment will help them achieve excellence with seamless ease.
  • Offering the right environment for at-home practice is how you can majorly contribute to your child’s instrumental journey. Practice is one of the most crucial parts of the learning process. By making it welcoming and comfortable for your child, you will help them get significantly closer to perfection.
  • Being encouraging and supportive throughout your child’s learning is the best way you can help your child learn to play the drum without any significant difficulty or hindrances. A parent’s active involvement makes the learning process tenfold simpler for the child.


With this detailed set of information, you can proceed with starting your child’s musical journey and set them on the path of becoming seasoned drummers. So, don’t wait any longer and get them enrolled in the amazingly fun and learner-centric drum classes at Dhwani Sangeet Mahavidyalaya.